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Players are expected to attend all scheduled practices and games.  An individual’s playing time in a game will be in direct proportion to the amount of practices and games in which they have participated.  If for any reason a player is unable to attend a scheduled event they must call or inform the coach or his designee prior to the scheduled day for an excusable absence.


Practice begins the first weekend in March and is conducted on both Saturday and Sunday. Practice during March will take place at Amsterdam Elementary School on Amsterdam Road or the High School Turf Field.  In April, practices will be conducted on two weekdays (Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs) and will be held at Docherty Park on Route 206 or at Amsterdam Elementary School. It is important to note that at anytime prior to practice, the time, location and date may change.  To confirm that day’s arrangements please check the website for updates.

When at Docherty Park, please park your car in the parking lot only and not on the grass. 
The police will come and tow your car while at the same time jeopardizing our ability to use the fields


Games are played primarily on weekends in April and May. Our April games are typically away while the majority of our May games are played at home. Please note that a scheduled game may be changed at any time so it is extremely important to check the website. All home games are played at the Hillsborough Lacrosse Complex Fields on Triangle Road or the High School Turf Field. Directions and field locations are available on the website under the Directions tab.

When playing home games at the Hillsborough Lacrosse Complex please park in the parking lot and not on the road leading into the complex in front of the concession stand.  The police will come and tow your car while at the same time jeopardizing our ability to use the fields.

Also, when playing home games there are no spectators permitted behind each of the goals or behind the players bench.  This is not only a lacrosse rule it is a requirement of the Lacrosse program in using the fields.  Please comply and view all games from the parking lot side of the fields.