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It takes significant time, energy and funding to support the Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse program (HYL). The program registration fee does not cover the costs to run the program. The primary source of operating income is derived through sales at the concession stand during our tournaments as well as the sales of lacrosse apparel, so HYL requires each player's parents volunteer their time during our home tournaments and games.  This approach will equally distribute the responsibility to all members of the organization for raising funds to support the program.


  • Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse requires a $200 refundable work bond deposit per family. Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours in support of the organization during our tournaments. Their volunteer time must include 2 hours in the concession stand. Other volunteer needs are tournament set-up/clean-up, apparel sales, parking, etc. There are numerous opportunities for parents to fulfill their work bond obligations. It is also requested that families split their 4 hour volunteer shifts across the tournament weekends. Board members, coaches & committee heads are not exempt from this requirement.


At the end of the season, all families that have completed the required volunteer hours and returned all loaned equipment (Grades 1-2) will have their work bond refunded. Failure to return all loaned equipment by the end of the season or failure by the parent to fulfill their work bond obligation will result in forfeiture of the work bond deposit.  Having all families opt in and actively volunteer is preferable, but it is also possible to immediately opt out of volunteering and forfeit the work bond. This allows us to deploy those funds against the required work. Given that, all volunteer hours are very closely logged by the Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse Board to ensure work bond refunds/forfeitures are appropriately accounted for.