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The regular season for Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse (HYL) runs from the first weekend in March through the first weekend in June.


Practice Schedule

All 1st  through 8th grade teams will practice twice each week. The 1st and  2nd grade team is structured in a lacrosse clinic format and primarily focus on skill development. All other grades continue to develop individual player skills, but also begin team development through age and skill-level appropriate drills.

  • March 
    • Saturday indoors at either NexLevel in FLemington or Apex in Hillsborough
    • Sunday morning practice will be at the High School Turf field
  • April and May
    • two evenings (Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs) each week at Willow Road Complex and are 1.5 hours. Scheduled practices routinely begin at 6pm.



The 1st and 2nd grade teams will have opportunities to play games against local opponents. The game squads will be determined based on the composition of the local opponent’s team since this may vary from year to year. 

The 3rd through 8th grade teams play games primarily on Saturday and/or Sunday although there may be games during the week on occasion. There can be preseason scrimmages on weekends in March. The schedule includes a few away tournaments which are typically within 50 minutes of Hillsborough.  

Required Equipment

  • Grades 1-2
    • All Parents will need to supply a stick, protective cup, lacrosse gloves, elbow pads, cleats and mouthguard.
    • HYL program will lend each player a helmet, chest/shoulder pads, and provide uniforms.  These items will be collected at the end of the season.


  • Grades 3-8
    • All 3rd graders, new players in grades 4-8 and those athletes that have outgrown their uniform from the previous year, will need to go to Universal Lacrosse in Somerville (908) 526-0584 to be sized for their uniform prior to February 28th.
    • HYL program will provide a practice pinnie if they do not already have one from a prior season.
    • Parents will need to provide all other lacrosse equipment: helmet, chest/shoulder pads, gloves, arm pads, legal lacrosse stick, cleats, protective cup, mouthguard, membership with US Lacrosse and uniform.

In addition, HYL provides the fields, officials, and all league/tournament fees. 



Registration Details:

$200 program fee for players in grades 3 through 8

$150 program fee for players in grades 1 through 2

$50 family discount is applied for the second and subsequent players in grades 3 through 8

$25 early bird registration discount for all player registrations completed by October 31st

$30 US Lacrosse membership


Annual Work Bond Process:

Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse requires a $200 refundable work bond deposit per family.  At the end of the season, all families that have completed the required volunteer hours (2 sessions per family totaling 4 hours) will have their workbonds refunded.  Having all families opt in and actively volunteer is preferable, but it is also possible to immediately opt out of volunteering and forfeit the workbond. This allows us to deploy those funds against the required work.   Running Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse and hosting two tournaments each season requires a tremendous amount of work by both our volunteer board and the volunteer parents. Given that, all volunteer hours are very closely logged by the Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse Board to ensure workbonds refunds/forfeitures are appropriately accounted for.